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About Us

Bojo Tools helps individuals and small to large organizations complete special maintenance, repair or installation projects safer and faster by designing and manufacturing high-quality composite plastic tools that dramatically reduce the risk of scratching or damaging delicate or painted surfaces.

Our tools include plastic scrapers, plastic pry bars, sealant removal and application tools, plastic wrenches, plastic socket inserts, gap gauge tools and more.

These are some of the organizations that use our products:

Some of the most common applications where our tools are used include:

  • Aircraft & Aerospace: In aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, repair or overhaul, MRO, Bojo tools have helped keep some of the fleets in the world in the air on time and on schedule for over a decade.
  • Automotive: Whether it’s to install a new car stereo or do other interior work, our tools help by reducing or removing the risk of potential damage, such as marring or scratching. 
  • Homes & Appliances: It doesn’t matter if it’s simple, day-to-day cleaning, if it’s a remodeling job or new construction, Bojo Tools are sometimes the best alternative to metal tools.
  • Electronic Devices: The Bojo Techno-Pry line helps both professionals and do-it-yourselfers to more easily, quickly and safely open electronic devices, reducing the risk of breaking, marring or scratching sensitive materials.
  • Watercraft and Maritime Industry: Because they’re made out of high quality composite plastics, Bojo Tools are ideal to perform certain tasks when working on a cleaning or maintenance project on a boat to help avoid serious damage.

Bojo Tools was founded in 2000 in San Jose, California, USA and has support offices in Japan and The United Kingdom.

Find Out How Bojo Tools Can Save You Money

Discover how our products can help with efficiency & speed.

How Bojo Tools Supports Aircraft MRO

Sealant removal & application done in one third of the time.

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