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Micro Prying Tools

Use these practical Compact Prying Tools to help you pry open or pry apart smaller parts or components while reducing the risk of damaging delicate parts or surfaces.

The "ESDNGL" versions were designed for the purpose of not allowing static electricity to build up on the tools as to avoid creating electrical sparks.

Those versions of the tools are ideal to help you to gently and safely remove circuit board components, for example. 

MPT2-3KIT-XNGL: 3-Piece Micro Pry Tool Kit in Pouch


MPT2-176-210-XNGL: 3/16" Wide Prying Tool


MPT2-3KIT-ESDNGL: 3-Piece ESD Pry Tool Kit in Pouch


MPT2-179-212-XNGL: 15/32" Wide Prying Tool


MPT2-178-211-XNGL: 5/16" Wide Prying Tool


MPT2-176-210-ESDNGL: 3/16" Wide Prying Tool


MPT2-178-211-ESDNGL: 5/16" Wide Prying Tool


MPT2-179-212-ESDNGL - 15/32" Wide ESD-Safe Prying Tool


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